Media Interviews, Appearances & Citation

Bloomberg Opinion- “The Best Nonfiction Books of 2020” (link)

NPR Morning Edition-“As A Stepparent, Kamala Harris Puts ‘Families You Choose’ In The Spotlight” (link)

NPR All Things Considered- “In The Final Days Before The Election, Trump Pushes To Attract More Black Voters” (link)

NBC News-“A stronghold of the Democratic Party’: How older Black voters could propel Biden to victory” (link)

Harper’s Baazar-“To Create Good Voting Habits, Drop the Shaming Tactics” (link)

The New York Times Op-Ed-“We Got a Black Women on the Ticket. At Last” (link)

Intelligencer: NYMagazine- “The GOP Coalition Is Getting More Working-Class. Its Agenda Isn’t” (link)

USA Today- “Young Black voters say they aren’t enthusiastic about a Joe Biden presidency” (link)

Vox-“Do Joe Biden’s “you ain’t black” comments ultimately matter?” (link)

NPR-“Trump Campaign Reworks Its Pitch To Black Voters After Pandemic Slams Economy” (link)

The Takeaway w/ Amy Walter- “A Primary Election During A Pandemic” (link)

NPR All Things Considered w/ Audie Cornish-“Understanding The Black Vote In The Democratic Primary” (link)

The New York Times- “Trump Has His Sights Set on Black Voters” (link)

CBC The National- “Super Tuesday: The trends, contenders and what’s next” (link)

CBC The Current-“Who are your people?’ How a candidate’s authenticity can influence African American voters” (link)

FiveThirtyEight-“Why So Many Black Voters Are Democrats, Even When They Aren’t Liberal” (link)

MSNBC Morning Joe- “African-Americans are not a monolith,’ says professor on voting trends” (link)

CNN Tonight with Don Lemon-“Can Trump break through black support for Democrats?” (link)

The Washington Post-“Biden lost his ‘electable’ claim. That’s why black votes are up for grabs again.” (link)

The Atlantic-“Trump Doesn’t Understand Why Black Voters Stick Together” (link)

Bloomberg Opinion-“Why Black Voters Keep Picking Democrats” (link)

The Washington Post-“Why President Trump’s bid for the black vote is unlikely to bear fruit” (link)

Intelligencer: NYMagazine “Trump Isn’t a Moderate, But He Plays One on TV” (link)

CodeSwitch:NPR- “The Black Table In The Big Tent” [Start at 32:00] (link)

CodeSwitch:NPR–“What The Kanye Controversy Can Teach Us About Black Voters” (link)

Vox–“4 political science lessons from Kanye West’s embrace of Donald Trump:
Normal people are instinct-driven rationalizers motivated by group loyalty dynamics, not ideologies” (link)

All Things Considered:NPR–“What the Uproar Over Kanye West Might Reveal About Black Voters” (link)

The Conversation–“Would American Vote for Oprah for President” (link)

BuzzFeed–“Did Russia’s Social Media Campaign to Discourage Black Voters Cost Clinton The Election?” (link)

Vox’s Mischiefs of Faction–“Why Black Voter Turnout Fell in 2016” (link)

Interview with KJZZ The Show on the 2017 Alabama Senate Election [start @ 40:00] (link)

Panelist–Tavis Smiley Ending Poverty: America’s Private Spaces

Panelist–Congressman W.M. Lacy Clay Juvenile Justice System: Social, Political, Ethical, and Legal Problems and Potential Solutions Telephone Town Hall (link)

Interview with Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR)–Expert: Clinton’s Support Among African-American Voters Could Giver Her Campaign An Advantage (link)

Interview with Saint Louis University–Saint Louis University Expert Speaks on Colin Kaepernick (link)