Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Black Like Me: How Political Communication Changes Racial Group Identification and Its Implications.” 2017. Politics, Groups and Identities. (link) (appendix)

“Political Awareness in Black and White: The Effect of Attention to Black Political Discourse on Black Opinion Formation” with Ismail White, Ernest McGowan, and Jared Clemons. Forthcoming.

“Selling Out?: The Politics of Navigating Conflicts Between Racial Group Interest and Self-Interest” November 2014. with Ismail White and Troy Allen. American Political Science Review 108 (4): 783-800. (link)

Other Publications

“Shifting Blackness: Immigration, Ethnicity & Black Political Futures A TBS Conversations with Christina Greer & Candis Smith” April 2016. with Jonathan Fenderson. The Black Scholar-Online. (link)

Under Review

“The Fragility of Racial Transcendence: An Analysis of Oprah Winfrey’s Endorsement of the Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign.” with Harwood McClerking and Ray Block. Revise and Resubmit.

“Bound by Blackness: Understanding the Maintenance of Black Democratic Party Loyalty” with Ismail K. White, Julian J. Wamble, and Corrine M. McConnaughy. (link)

“The Power of Post-Racial: An Exploration of Post-Racial Rhetoric’s Influence on Candidate Evaluations” with Julian J. Wamble. (link)

“Missing the Mark?- An Exploration of Targeted Campaign Advertising’s Effect on African American Political Engagement” with Camille D. Burge and Julian J. Wamble. (link) (Rap Ad) (Classical Ad).

Working papers/Book Project

Black by Popular Demand: A Social Accountability Model of Black Politics (book manuscript) with Ismail K. White.

“Self-Persuasion and Attitude Change in Institutional Actors” with Morgan Hazelton and Molly Wilson.

“The Effect Racial Cooperation and Conflict in Protest Movements on White Attitudes” with Jason H. Windett, Kevin K. Banda, and Ismail K. White.