Peer-Reviewed Publications

“The Power of Post-Racial: An Exploration of Post-Racial Rhetoric’s Influence on Candidate Evaluations” with Julian J. Wamble. August 2018. Politics, Groups and Identities. (link)

“The Fragility of Racial Transcendence: An Analysis of Oprah Winfrey’s Endorsement of the Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign.” with Harwood McClerking and Ray Block.  February 2018. American Politics Research. (link)

“Black Like Me: How Political Communication Changes Racial Group Identification and Its Implications.” August 2017. Politics, Groups and Identities. (link) (appendix)

“Selling Out?: The Politics of Navigating Conflicts Between Racial Group Interest and Self-Interest” November 2014. with Ismail White and Troy Allen. American Political Science Review 108 (4): 783-800. (link)

“Political Awareness in Black and White: The Effect of Attention to Black Political Discourse on Black Opinion Formation” with Ismail White, Ernest McGowan, and Jared Clemons. Forthcoming. (link)

Other Publications

“Shifting Blackness: Immigration, Ethnicity & Black Political Futures A TBS Conversations with Christina Greer & Candis Smith” April 2016. with Jonathan Fenderson. The Black Scholar-Online. (link)

Under Review

“We Are One: Understanding the Maintenance of Black Democratic Party Loyalty” with Ismail K. White, Julian J. Wamble, and Corrine M. McConnaughy. (link)

“Missing the Mark?- An Exploration of Targeted Campaign Advertising’s Effect on African American Political Engagement” with Camille D. Burge and Julian J. Wamble. (link) (Rap Ad) (Classical Ad).

“Not Set in Stone: Investigating the Determining Factors of Confederate Monument Removal” with Andrea Benjamin, Ray Block, Jared Clemons, and Julian Wamble.

Working papers/Book Project

Black by Popular Demand: A Social Accountability Model of Black Politics (book manuscript) with Ismail K. White.

“Listen to Black Women? Race, Gender and Black Americans’ Perceptions of Protest” with Corrine McConnaughy.

“Self-Persuasion and Attitude Change in Institutional Actors” with Morgan Hazelton and Molly Wilson.

“Me” versus “We?”: How Blacks Reconcile Cognitive Dissonance with Linked Fate”

All Things Equal? How Perceptions of Racial Progress Undermine Racial Progress with Julian Wamble.