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Video of Bowdoin First-Year Seminar: Women of Color in Politics (link)

Bowdoin Courses

GOV2052: Race,Ethnicity and Politics  (cross-listed in AFRS)
GOV2039: Urban Politics
GOV1005: Women of Color in Politics (cross-listed in AFRS) (link)

GOV2050: Public Opinion and Voting

Other Courses Taught

Undergraduate Level

Introduction to American Politics
Political Behavior
Black Politics
Contemporary Black America
Research Methods in African American Studies
Capstone in African American Studies

Graduate Level

American Race Relations

Teaching Awards

The Sydney B. Karofsky Prize for Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence, Bowdoin College, 2021 (link)

Karofsky Encore Lecture, Bowdoin College, 2018 (link)

Ernest A. Calloway, Jr. Excellence in Teaching Award, Saint Louis University Society of African American Studies, 2015